Some of my clients’ areas of activity from A to Z

Administration, agriculture, automotive, chemicals, construction & civil engineering, digital cameras and photography, drug development, electricity and power engineering, environmental technology, formwork technology, household appliances, hospitality, HR, legal consulting, market research and marketing, mechanical engineering, medical care, metal construction, packaging, plant engineering, public transport, publishing industry, software development, sports & fitness, telecommunications, tourism, trade, transport & logistics, ...


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What is a CAT tool? What are the advantages of CAT for me as a client?

The basic idea behind all CAT tools (CAT = computer-assisted translation) is to store parts of text that have already been translated by a human translator, known as segments, in a database (a translation memory) so they can be re-used in an easily accessible way. This makes the translator’s work easier and speeds it up a great deal, because not everything has to be developed from scratch. The advantage for my clients is in the safeguarding of consistent terminology in all documents, which may also span several projects, since I provide separate translation memories in the leading CAT tool SDL Trados Studio 2017 for all my clients. In addition, the use of the CAT tool can lead to lower translation costs since found text repetitions can be taken into account in the pricing.

Do you also translate into English or into Polish?

No, for reasons of due diligence, I only translate into my native language, German. For projects that go into English or Polish, competent and native reliable partners support me.

Do you also work in other subject areas?

In general, there is nothing wrong with translating an “unfamiliar” subject. After all, one of the most basic prerequisites for a translator is curiosity and the willingness for life-long learning. If there is already a company glossary or other reference material available, that’s even better. However, in order to meet my own and my client’s expectations concerning the quality of my work, I focus on certain subject areas and check every request very carefully. To protect my clients and myself, I only accept jobs that I am 100 per cent able to do from a deadline and subject matter point of view. In case I have to decline a job because of one of these two reasons, I’ll be happy to recommend a competent colleague, wherever possible.

What does your workflow look like?

My translation process includes the following phases:
1. Rough translation – during this phase, I undertake terminology research and the shaping of individual sentences, sometimes with several versions. Unclear parts are marked for further research.
2. Review and cross-check – now I compare the source and target phrases and adapt wording and terms, if necessary. In case unclear issues cannot be solved in this phase, I turn to the client for clarification.
3. Editing the style – I read the translation as if it were an original, purely German text and edit parts that sound "translated" or do not fit the style.
4. Proofreading – I check the text for grammar, orthography and punctuation issues.

How long does a translation or review take?

In general, I translate about 1,500 words per day, about 3 DIN A4 pages. However, depending on the text, this number can vary. For proofreading and review, I process between 800 - 1000 words per hour, when the quality of the text is acceptable. Please feel free to send me your text so that I can send you a quote with a defined delivery date as quickly as possible. Of course, all data provided will be treated with the highest possible degree of confidentiality.

I need a rush job. Can you do that?

If necessary, I am happy to help with urgent projects that need work during the night or at weekends. However, please note that existing orders by other clients are always my first priority and that surcharges will apply for night and weekend tasks. Please feel free to send me your text so that I can send you a quote with a defined delivery date as quickly as possible.