I am an experienced freelance translator working with English, Polish and German and I provide translations from English into German and from Polish into German in various subject areas. You already have a translation or text written in German and you would like to have this text “looked over” by a native professional? If so, you’ve come to the right place: I’ll be happy to take proofreading and review jobs as well. I also create glossaries and terminology lists for you to help you establish specific, consistent wording for your websites, documentation and communication tasks.

For me, working for and with my clients means working in a partnership based on mutual trust. Being a competent translator worthy of this trust is about providing perfect linguistic quality paired with thorough foundations in my subject areas, as well as exercising a responsible way of working based on “practical” and “personal” principles.

As well as my translator’s training at Leipzig University and my long-term experience as a language professional, the lessons I learned while working as a project manager for various translation agencies help me succeed in achieving my main objective: to provide uncomplicated and reliable, high-quality support for your projects.

I hope to hear from you soon and am looking forward to supporting you!

Katja Hanske