Translation Polish – German

Translation from Polish into German

Poland has a lot more to offer than the common clichés of poorly paid service personnel. German and Polish companies benefit a great deal from close collaboration with business partners and clients on the other side of the border in many different areas such as plant engineering, transport and logistics, environmental technology and IT, but also in agriculture, medical areas and tourism.

Successful trans-border cooperation between German and Polish companies is based on complex contract agreements (which in Poland have to be issued in Polish as a legal requirement), notifications of government authorities and correspondence, as well as tender documents, product information sheets, marketing materials etc. Apart from sound linguistic knowledge, a good deal of well-founded knowledge about the legal and cultural realities in Poland (and Germany) is an absolute must for correct translations into German.

I facilitate communication with your business partners using my professional translation experience in the language pair Polish German, as well as my intercultural knowledge and my non-bureaucratic project management.

Feel free to request a non-binding quote right now or contact me by e-mail.

What information is required for a proper quote?

● How big is the translation? The number of words or lines helps me to assess the volume.
● By when do you need the translation?
● What kind of text needs to be translated? (e. g. an image brochure, a product information sheet or a sales contract)?
● What is the purpose of this text and who is the target audience?
● Which format does the source have (MS Word file, scanned PDF or other?) and what format will be required for the translation?
● Are there similar older translations, glossaries or other reference materials?
● Is there anything else I need to know (e. g. internal style guides, formatting restrictions, etc.)?

What about pricing?

Prices are based on the number of words or lines in the source text (one standard line has 55 characters including spaces). The word/line rates depend on the degree of difficulty of the translation text and on the amount of research necessary for a proper translation.
When a text can be translated with the CAT tool SDL Trados Studio, a discount for retrieved repetitions may be agreed (not for scanned PDFs and other non-editable formats).
For rush jobs that require work during the night or at weekends and on public holidays, a rush charge of 30% applies.

*** If the relevant text is available, I will be able to provide you with a reliable quote much more quickly. In order to speed up the process, you can choose to send the text (or a preliminary version) together with your request. Of course, all data provided will be treated with the highest possible degree of confidentiality.