Proofreading and review

Proofreading and reviews of translations and German texts

Do you already have a German translation of your English or Polish text, which you would like a person with the respective technical and linguistic knowledge to check? Or would you like to have a text that was created in German originally “looked over” by a text expert?

I will be happy to support you and your team with my long-term experience in QA and my non-bureaucratic project management.

Feel free to request a non-binding quote right now or contact me by e-mail.

What information is required for a proper quote?

● Do you need a translation or a text that was originally written in German language to be proofread?
● Do you require a simple check concerning grammar, orthography and punctuation (proofreading) or also a review in terms of style and content (review)?
● How big is the text? The number of words or lines helps me to assess the volume.
● By when do you need the text?
● What kind of text has to be proofread/reviewed? (e. g. an image brochure, a product information sheet or a sales contract)?
● What is the purpose of this text and who is the target audience?
● Which format does the source have (MS Word file, scanned PDF or other?) and what format will be required for the translation?
● Is there anything else I need to know (e. g. internal style guides, formatting restrictions, etc.)?

What about pricing?

The rates for proofreading and review are based on the amount of time spent. When the text quality is acceptable, about 800-1000 words can be checked per hour.

*** If the relevant text is available, I will be able to provide you with a reliable quote much more quickly. In order to speed up the process, you can choose to send the text for proofreading/review (if the text is a translation, please add the English/Polish source as well) together with your request. Of course, all data provided will be treated with the highest possible degree of confidentiality.