Terminology service

Terminology management & glossary creation

In many companies, there are several terms for one and the same product, assembly or concept, which may cause misunderstanding between different departments or even between the company and its clients. The next stress factor is the external translator who is supposed to translate the new user manual and who keeps asking questions to clarify some tricky terminology issue - thereby taking up valuable time for you and your team. A glossary compiled from existing documents and approved by your professionals is the best way to reduce these frictional losses to almost zero - and to speed up the translation of your new web content, manuals etc. by a great deal.

I’m happy to support you and your team by capturing and managing your terminology using the leading terminology management software SDL Multiterm, MS Excel or any other system you prefer. This helps you to concentrate on your core tasks.

Feel free to request a non-binding quote right now or contact me by e-mail.

What information is required for a proper quote?

● How many entries will your glossary have? What are the focus areas?
● What texts are the basis for terminology capture?
● In which format will the glossary be presented? My default options are SDL Multiterm 2017 or MS Excel. Other formats and systems can be agreed on.
● What information will the entries provide? Will the resulting glossary be a simple bilingual list or will definitions, usage information, contexts and other information be added?

What about pricing?

The rates for glossaries and terminology work are based on the time spent.

*** If the relevant text is available, I will be able to provide you with a reliable quote much more quickly. In order to speed up the process, you can choose to send the research materials to be used together with your request. Of course, all data provided will be treated with the highest possible degree of confidentiality.